The Australian CrossFit Championship

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The Australian CrossFit Championship is a sanctioned proving ground for CrossFit athletes, with a ticket to the 2020 CrossFit Games up for grabs for first place male, female and team. The competition takes place on the 5th to 8th of March 2020 at the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre. There is also cash and product prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male, female and teams.

We welcome all athletes from around the world to take part and compete against Australia’s fittest. Athletes qualify for the 3 day competition on the Gold Coast by competing in the Online Qualifier and placing in the top males, females and teams*

*qualifying cut off to be announced soon.



CrossFit Open Workout 1


CrossFit Open Workout 2


CrossFit Open Workout 3


CrossFit Open Workout 4


CrossFit Open Workout 5

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Qualifiers coming soon!

The online qualifier welcomes all CrossFitters.

Follow this Link to Register:

To be eligible for a spot to the Australian CrossFit Championship, you must complete all workouts RX’d and submit videos of each workout at the standard required.

Athletes competing in teams must all submit videos as individuals. Scores and videos will be submitted through Competition Corner.

Prizes will be offered to the first placed individual female and male athlete, and team. Terms and conditions – the winning individual athletes and team must be available to collect their prize in person at the ACC event on the Gold Coast in March 2020.

CrossFit Games



CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games

More Information coming soon.

CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games

Australian CrossFit Championship - Schedule

Thursday 5 March: Gold Coast Convention & Entertainment Centre.
Friday 6 March: Gold Coast Convention & Entertainment Centre.
Saturday 7 March: Gold Coast Convention & Entertainment Centre.
Sunday 8 March: Gold Coast Convention & Entertainment Centre.
Sunday 8 March: After Party: 7pm till Late.
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games

Athlete info

Qualifying CrossFit athletes will receive Information Packets once all spots have been confirmed at the end of the online qualifiers. This will include information on travel, accommodation, schedule etc. for the event.


More Information coming soon.
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CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make the 2020 CrossFit Games?

First place male, first place female and first place team at the Australian CrossFit Championship on Gold Coast 5 – 8 March 2020, will be eligible to receive an invite to the CrossFit Games.

Can I scale the qualifiers?

No. There is no scaled option for the Australian CrossFit Championship. All workouts must be done as RX.

However all movements are common place in your local box. Anyone that has trained regularly using the CrossFit methodology would be able to compete in the online qualifier.

How many athletes qualify for the Australian CrossFit Championship?

The top Women, Men and Teams (2 male & 2 female team members) from the Online Qualifier will be invited to compete on the Gold Coast. The qualifying cut off will be announced soon.

Can the members of the Team be from different gyms/locations?

Yes. You can be from anywhere. Just 2 males, and 2 females are required.

Are the Team qualifiers done as a Team?

No. Each person in the team will complete the qualifier workouts as Individuals, and the team captain will submit a collective team score. Each individual still need’s to video their workouts.

Do I need to video my workouts?

Yes. If you want to be eligible for a qualifying spot, you must submit a video with your scores for each workout.